Deep total body exfoliation

A healthy body passes mainly inside, but we must not forget our body envelope. Some people think about taking care of their face, cleansing, cream, serum, etc., but we must also think about our entire body. We have skin everywhere, an average of 70% total, one of the most important organs of our body. We sometimes think about exfoliating our face, but why not do the body as a whole. Exfoliation brings many health benefits, so let’s get started!

Exfoliation is described by friction of the skin. Friction creates vasodilation and irritation, which increases blood circulation to the area. The mechanism is expressed by an increase in nerve and sebaceous activity and removes excess dead skin remaining on the skin, which has a toning effect. This technique also promotes the elimination of waste products through the skin. Cleanses, tones, decongests the organs, increases the activity of red and white blood cells, therefore stimulates immunity. This method stimulates heat production and toxin degradation. This stimulates lymphatic circulation, helps reduce water retention, stimulates the immune system and promotes detoxification of this system which is our drain system.

The exfoliation can be done with a horsehair glove, a loofah, Epsom salt, a towel, a brush, an exfoliating ointment, etc. Exfoliation is indicated for people with a low resistance to infections, general fatigue, flat vital force, digestive problems, poor circulation, etc. However, this method is contraindicated on skin lesions (eczema, psoriasis, recent hair removal), on phlebitis, varicose veins, for elderly people with thin skin or people with skin diseases (Cushing’s) and on malignant masses. ***Warning, do not overuse this technique, as it can create skin irritation. Do 2-3 sessions per week maximum.


  • In your shower or bath, before or after you wash.
  • Begin your exfoliation following the chart, start with your legs, work up to the pelvis, from the arms to the torso. All your movements should be directed towards your heart, or your lymph nodes. You can also do your face with light friction.
  • You should rub on the area until your skin turns pink or until you can tolerate it.
  • Rinse your body, to remove salt or dead skin residue.