Getting ready for the winter season

The cold season has begun and some people have already experienced immune weakness, whether it is a cold, flu, etc. We all want to get through the winter without getting sick, or else shorten our sick time.

Here are a few tips to follow in order to put all the chances on his side:

  • Staying hydrated
    Both for prevention and symptom reduction.
    Water keeps our mucous membranes well hydrated, which allows them to fulfil their function of protecting us against pathogens that cling to our mucous membranes. For example, if our skin is dry, it can crack and create an open door for bacteria or viruses. The same is true for our internal mucous membranes, such as our nose, mouth, throat, ears, etc.
  • Eat lots of vitalizing foods 
    The foods that colour your plate are the most interesting. They provide the most vitamins and minerals, which is important to support the immune system in all its forms. Vary your fruits and vegetables to get all the colours of the rainbow in a day. There are vitamin C&D, zinc, magnesium, iron, etc. 
  • Avoid sugar
    Pathogens feed mainly on sugar to replicate and thus stay alive longer. By cutting off their main source of survival, we limit our risk of getting sick at any time. Sugar includes all kinds of sugar, even processed foods. Eat as naturally as possible. 
  • Have a good sleep
    We must pay special attention to our time spent sleeping, but also to the quality. It is during the night that our body regenerates and regains all its strength. If our sleep is affected, our immune system is also affected. The body does a big cleansing at night and resets itself. We also need to regain our strength at night when we are sick. 
  • Move
    Regular exercise helps to move the lymph and activate blood circulation while oxygenating the entire body. Lymph is the waste system, by making it move well it allows us to eliminate our toxins. A circulating blood fluid allows the minerals and vitamins ingested to be well absorbed while circulating oxygen in our cells. 
  • Spending time outdoors
    This will allow us to oxygenate with a different air than the one in our homes. The latter is a closed air since we do not open the windows as in summer to change the air. However, if you have an air exchanger, this is very interesting. Also, spending more time outside allows you to synthesize more vitamin D. A useful vitamin to support the immune system. 

It is possible to supplement if we have a little more difficulty with one of his recommendations. To find out the suggested dosages, it is recommended that you see a health professional, since it may be different for each person.