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Naturopathy is an alternative medicine that uses natural means to promote a person’s overall well-being and maintain maximum vitality.

This approach uses natural healing processes, taking into account the whole person, including his or her vitality.

This complementary medicine enables us to identify the causes of health disorders, not just based on a person’s symptoms, but also on their lifestyle. The body naturally possesses the ability to resist disease, as well as natural healing and self-regulating mechanisms.

The aim of naturopathy is to correct, improve and reinforce the body’s natural functions. It is based on an etiopathogenic and multifactorial conception of illness, while individualizing the therapeutic approach.

Naturopathy does not save lives,
it gives quality of life.


Meeting with a qualified naturopath, with several holistic approaches to offer you

One-stop support

Professional, competent service, always attentive to your needs, personalized support tailored to your personal situation

Specialization in Women's Health

Specialized for women of childbearing age, to regulate and monitor their menstrual cycle

Expert in supplements

In-depth knowledge of the world of natural health products

Practical & secure

All my customers are entitled to a secure, personalized electronic file. Only the customer and I have access to this information

Our approach

Specialization in Women's Health

Specialized in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual pain, etc.


Diet, physical activity, stress management, environmental factors, etc.


Micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.


Medicinal plants, essential oils, gemmotherapy, Bach flowers, etc.


Homeopathy in acute cases, Schussler salts, etc.

Chinese Medicine

Guasha, acupressure, auriculotherapy, Chinese dietetics, etc.


Localized, poultice, compress, sauna, derivation bath, etc.


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First consultation

Naturopathic consultation concerning an imbalance in your well-being.

Complete history; reason for consultation, medical and family history, review of systems, vitality assessment, recommendations for lifestyle changes, personalized naturopathic recommendations; diet, physical activity, stress management, environmental factors etc.

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Follow-up to a naturopathic encounter concerning an imbalance in your well-being.

Explanation of personalized naturopathic recommendations; diet, physical activity, stress management, environmental factors, suggestions for supplements, etc. Follow-up on previous encounters, adjusting recommendations if necessary, adding other adapted recommendations. Attentive to your evolution and your needs.

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Adjustment Follow-up

Additional appointment for additional questions that require an additional appointment.

To clarify your concerns and answer any questions you may have, and get you back on the right track to change.

You alone are in charge of your life

Give yourself a chance to be better, to be more yourself.
It all starts with a first appointment.

Why naturopathy ?

Naturopathy is above all a preventive approach, but it is also a complementary and alternative approach to conventional medicine. The body sends us messages throughout the day. It is with these messages that we can discover the cause of the situation and establish a plan of approach to support the body in the search for a balanced health.

Our problems come first and foremost from our modern lifestyle. Our diet more or less adapted to our situation, our daily stress, our lack of physical activity, are examples of the causes of our symptoms. By changing a few points, it is possible to see a whole difference in our daily lives. Do you drink enough water daily? 

Stress is the evil of the century, whether you feel it or not, it is present in your life. Stress is the greatest cause of our physical states. It is possible to better manage our stress through breathing techniques, medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals, as well as many other options based on your personal needs. 

We spend a good part of our days eating or otherwise preparing food. Diet is therefore the main reason for our health problems. In any case, food suggestions will be made according to your current situation. A few broad lines such as the amount of water consumed per day and a macronutrient basis in general.Canada's food guide 2019

Naturopathy does not replace conventional medicine. The naturopath requires a medical diagnosis if this is the case, we sometimes need medical results to better accompany you on a more natural path, or others. 

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