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Naturopathy is an alternative medicine that aims by natural means at the overall well-being of the person and maintains a maximum vital force. This approach uses natural healing processes taking into account the whole person, including their vitality. This medicine makes it possible to identify the causes of health disorders, and this, without relying solely on the person’s symptoms. The body naturally has the ability to resist disease and has natural healing and self-regulation mechanisms. The purpose of naturopathy is to correct, improve and strengthen the natural functions of the human body. It is based on an etiopathogenic and multifactorial conception of the disease, while individualizing the mode of treatment. Naturopathy does not save lives, it gives a quality of life.


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Unique Assistance

Professional and competent service always attentive to your needs, personalized support adapted to your personal situation.

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All my clients are entitled to a personalized electronic and secure file, only the client and I have access to their information. Moreover, all this is done in a simple meeting where you can listen.

Specialization in Women's Health

Specialized in women's health, especially in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual pain.

Our services

Specialization in Women's Health

Micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.


Diet, physical activity, stress management, environmental factors, etc.

Orthomolecular Approaches

Micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.

Phytotherapeutic approaches

Medicinal plants, essential oils, gemmotherapy, Bach flowers, etc.

Homeopathic Approaches

Homeopathy, in acute cases, in chronic cases, homeopathy of constitution, Schussler salts, etc.

Chinese Medicine Approaches

Guasha, moxibustion, suction cups, acupressure, auriculotherapy, Chinese dietetics, etc.


Localized or of constitution, poultice, compress, internal washing, sauna, derivation bath, etc.

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Happy clients

Kim is very kind and attentive. She knows a lot about health and it's very interesting.
Nikoletta H.
Nikoletta H.
I received a good moment of service where listening and understanding were on the agenda. Thank you.
Myriam E.
Amazing personality, very helpful and seems to know a lot about her field. i would hire her as my personal advisor if i could. Her nutrition tips are straight forward and make a lot of sense. She evaluates your current lifestyle and gives advice to suit your need. i will surely stick with her for a while.

Why naturopathy

Naturopathy is above all a preventive approach, but it is also a complementary and alternative approach to conventional medicine. The body sends us messages throughout the day. It is with these messages that we can discover the cause of the situation and establish a plan of approach to support the body in the search for a balanced health.

Our problems come first and foremost from our modern lifestyle. Our diet more or less adapted to our situation, our daily stress, our lack of physical activity, are examples of the causes of our symptoms. By changing a few points, it is possible to see a whole difference in our daily lives. Do you drink enough water daily? 

Stress is the evil of the century, whether you feel it or not, it is present in your life. Stress is the greatest cause of our physical states. It is possible to better manage our stress through breathing techniques, medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals, as well as many other options based on your personal needs. 

We spend a good part of our days eating or otherwise preparing food. Diet is therefore the main reason for our health problems. In any case, food suggestions will be made according to your current situation. A few broad lines such as the amount of water consumed per day and a macronutrient basis in general.Canada's food guide 2019

Naturopathy does not replace conventional medicine. The naturopath requires a medical diagnosis if this is the case, we sometimes need medical results to better accompany you on a more natural path, or others. 

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